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Ten reasons to keep you strong after a broken-heart

When your heart gets broken, you feel no one in the world understands what you're going through at that moment. And you're right because pain is felt differently by everyone. But there's one thing it shares in common. It hurts. 

How to stay strong after a heartbreak. 


1. You have to let go of the cause of your pain. It might not be easy, but whoever left you In this state, isn't worth your time, tears or love. 


2. someday in the future, you'll look back and realize you worried over nothing. That is because you'd be in a better place, emotionally and psychologically. The heartbreak of today wouldn't matter then. 


3. When you let go of something, a better thing always comes. This transition helps us find ourselves and Own our lives. 


4. You should realize that no one would love you better than you. And irrespective of anything, you would always be there for yourself. Lying in bed at night, you would feel a great Rush of pride and confidence when you own your life. 


5. You should also realize you cannot change people. I know the heartbreak hurts, but it's best to drop someone that's hurting you like a hotpot. People change because they want to and you cannot force them too, and that should be OK. 


6. As we all know, it's better to be alone, than in a negative company. Your aura might just be off towards who broke your heart, and it is that way for a reason. 


7. You can learn so many things on your own. Reading a new book and discovering new places and facts, you would realize there's more to life than a person who just hurts you. 


8. That genuine love you felt for that person, the burst of emotions, that's also what's going to heal you. Over time, your love would turn to an understanding of what is and not what might be. 


9. You shouldn't dwell in the past. Thinking of what you could have done would only give the power to the person who hurt you. You must take that power. 


10. Remember, the future is full of surprises. You would find someone who genuinely loves you and wants the best for you. And you would spot the difference from a mile away. 

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