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Covid 19. Is freelancing a solution to face the job-less?

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

For the last ten years, as a passionate and successful marketing and branding professional, I always had a robust tail of clients in various industries.

My steady income was doing okay. My career allowed me to travel the world. 

By the end of the third quarter of 2019, I was curious to learn about the industry of perishables and international trading. To achieve this initiative, I applied for a job in a company related to it. Once I got hired, I felt excited and full of energy. Financially, it was a fantastic source of income, allowing me after work to spend hours planning my next financial steps towards passive income. 

Feeling proud of myself and confident, I knew it was smart to take some of my fixed salary to pay ads, thus promote my aside eCommerce business. 

2020 started, and I was looking forward to even better achievements and better income. 

Well, I don't have to tell you what happened next, we all know it.

By February, when in China, the high peak in sales was expected (because of their traditional New Years and eventually Valentine's), it went on a long business paused, instead. 

With a positive attitude and mentality, I turned my sight to growing the US market. By March, a significant part of the West coast was infected, and it was rapidly expanding to other states. 

By April, I was already unemployed and without any business client. 

Since then, It has been four months without any client or job to support my financial goals. 

I know my story is very familiar to many of you because millions of people are dealing with the same or worse situations. However, while some things decay, some others arise. The small eCommerce I built three years ago has become my mini source of income to face the recession. 

Although data showing the increase of online sales is a matter many economic analysts have been publishing, I didn't feel it as an option until I could see the weekly income arriving in my bank account. 

My new online income is the primary motivation to write this article and the series of live streaming videos I am preparing along. I am convinced that online business is the answer to many people who lost their primary source of income. 

From employment to freelancing.

 "It Is Not the Strongest of the Species that Survives But the Most Adaptable" - Charles Darwin about the theory of evolution.

Just a month ago and much more self-encouraged to go online, even more, I thought of breaking down tasks I have been doing for clients. 

One of them is social media management and development. 

Although it hasn't been my main activity because I would rather be in the strategy, planning, market research, and product development, I opened my mind to see that more restaurants are in need of much more promo. 

Since then, my mission is to keep their online sales growing by pushing harder on social media. 

Eventually, it turned out that I can supply more than three clients with the very same steps and actions. 

Online business and promotion proved to me once more; this is the way to face the pandemic. 

Now my call is to you, accountants, secretaries, sales-people, procurement officers, I.Ts, or any other service with repetitive tasks; you can supply more than one client. 

Keep in mind one thing; this crisis will hit you less when you know how to adapt yourself to a new environment. 

How to do it?

  • Start with a much more professional and less casual photo of you for your contact points. (email, Whatsapp, social media, Linkedin)

  • Build and maintain a solid profile on your social media outcomes. 

  • Collect referrals from former co-workers and bosses if possible. 

  • Take online courses to polish your skills and knowledge. 

  • Build a digital portfolio that can be shared easily. 

  • Have an expert writing a CV/portfolio highlighting your achievements and positive results. 

  • If possible, build a website and social media to promote your services. 

  • Finally, spend time connecting with potential clients on zoom, calls, or messenger. 

Finally, I intend to help you see opportunities to face the pandemic. Also, please remember, I am happy to help you build your source of income from home. 

Check out more solutions to face the pandemic on my blog section, and please be kind enough to re share it amongst people who need to go through this period of time.