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F&B business: Strategies to boost your sales during COVID

When COVID 19 appeared and progressively moved around countries, within the F&B industry, the initiative to survive in business happened. While fighting the uphill struggle to stay in business, food and beverage companies have innovated and adapted.

Far away, in China, in March, Xú Zihuà, the owner of a Hangzhou-based neighborhood bar called Chimney, has seen business declined sharply in the last month and a half due to COVID-19. With much grit to overcome the situation, she evolved into a new business model. 

“We launched a creative beverage program on platforms such as,” Xu said, referring to Alibaba’s food delivery service. “It’s an online drink delivery service providing measured amounts of cocktail ingredients with easy instruction videos so people can make their own cocktails at home.”

From proper product to a service, this Chinese bar turned out to be successful. The new reality of staying home is asking for many more distractions and entertainment. The whole concept around the DYI is very appealing to consumers. Add services that allow people to have fun by doing something by themselves. 

Leverage Live Streaming Videos. 

The adoption of apps related to food delivery is a tendency that has been growing for the last six years, and users tend to spend the needed time on the app to find their favorite restaurant. When it is time to eat quality, cleaning, and taste are the key reasons for them loving a particular place. During the pandemic, a new need arose, which is the variety of exotic flavors. Ordering from an unfamiliar restaurant may be risking when it comes of taste, sanitary, and portion sizes. 

A great way to amaze the curious, yet hungry people is to run live streaming video from the kitchen to show how meals are done. This strategy may give a sense of trust and appreciation for the quality, cleaning, and positive anticipation of the flavors. You don't need to record the whole meal preparation process; quick video shots are enough so that your secret sauce remains secret. 

Connecting and Getting Along 

Birthday parties, weddings, and even religious ceremonies are happening on zoom anytime from anywhere. As a matter of fact, a zoom gathering may be happening somewhere in the world as I speak (write) these lines.

Following the same idea, you can invite your loyal customers to a zoom picnic where everyone is eating a dish coming from your restaurant and hanging out with the rest of the customers. Isn't it brilliant to make new friends while enjoying their favorite meal? 

Keep in mind a few points for a much more enjoyable group picnic.

  • Make it under 60 minutes. Time is valuable to many people. To keep everyone hooked and interactive, you may want to start and end on time. One hour is enough to have everyone's expectations and tummies satisfied and ready to move on. 

  • Make sure your customers agree to order from your restaurant right before the picnic. Request them to join the group only when they all have the meal in hand. This is meant to keep building your branding and business. 

  • Also, add soft interactive activities inviting every member to take a small part. More soft hand and body movements and less talking is a must since this zoom call is meant to be eating time for everyone. 

Branding is a must

If you were casually offering some delivery service with basic paper or plastic bags for packaging, now it is your time to think about something more attractive and cute. 

Remember the saying, "people may not remember your name, but they may remember how you made them feel." Build positive emotions about your brand. Think of the moment customers are just thinking of ordering some food and they are asking each other "what do you feel ike eating today?". That answer can be right away answered if there was an extra element influencing their decisions. For instance, Domino's may or may not be the best pizza, but the fact that it is delivered in 30 mins or less time helps customers decide quickly. 

Do your customers a favor and offer reusable packaging or containers with cute designs. It may create a sense of paying for something and getting so much more. Your customers will always remember you!  

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