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The Benefits of Double Analysis Before Making Major Decisions

There comes a time in life when we all make major decisions. These decisions are so important that making the wrong call may result in disastrous consequences. Therefore, a double analysis is not an option but a necessity if you want positive results.

A double analysis involves looking at a problem or situation from different perspectives. It covers seeking a second opinion from a third-party to assess your decision.

Also, double analysis allows you to cross-reference and identify blind spots with the aim of making a decision that produces a desirable outcome.

Why double analysis is a necessity

Success is a common denominator for everyone, but not everyone is successful because success is highly dependent on making the right decisions. Double analysis increases the chances of a decision being right.


Double analysis before a major decision is a litmus test. It:

  • Shows loopholes

A decision might seem so perfect until you look at it again or have a third-party assess it. One single unseen loophole or wrong information is enough to lead to a wrong decision.

  • Eliminates human red flags

Every decision especially major decisions should be objective. Subjective decisions usually have flaws. A double analysis helps to spot human red flags such as ego and excessive emotional investment that may color the decision.

  • Reveals more information

Decisions are made based on facts and evidence. During a double analysis, more facts and information are revealed which may have an effect on the decision being made.

  • Reveals other options

There is usually more than one solution to a problem which may not be obvious immediately. Digging deeper during a double analysis shows other options and choices that could make the decision better. It also allows you to compare the possible outcomes of the options you have.

  • Allows you to sleep on it

The period during which you do a double analysis is also a period to allow yourself to get distracted. Research has shown that during periods of distraction (such as sleep, running, listening to music or doing any task that distracts you from your decision) the mind accurately weighs the pros and cons of a decision. After such a distraction you become more certain of what to do. This may never happen if you do not take the time to do a double analysis.

Ultimately, a double analysis makes you more confident about your decision and prevents any second-guessing and uncertainties.

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