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Presently, women are compromising their honesty, authenticity, and uniqueness to look like who they are not. They believe that if they just looked in a certain way, they will feel happy and fulfilled. However, what we see on the internet isn’t even real.

Yes, we all want to be recognized, particularly because of our beauty. We strive to look charming and attractive. After all, who wouldn’t want a man to stare at her?

Come to think of this, when did we begin evaluating what is considered attractive? Why is this evaluation dependent on physical attributes?

Trust me, the qualities of an attractive woman is beyond physical characteristics. An honest and authentic woman is considered attractive because these are things that set her apart from other women. I’m talking about qualities that can’t be manufactured, copied or enhanced with beautiful outfits and hair.

I’m talking about genuine and authentic beauty. It can’t be altered because it is inherent in our souls and hearts.

Have you ever asked yourself what men look out for in a woman? Have you ever wondered why people always want to be friends with a particular lady at work? The answer is simple! Honesty, authenticity, intelligence, and confidence!


Research indicates that positive personality traits like honesty and kindness impact thoughts of physical attractiveness. In another research, men at a British university liked women with traits honesty and authenticity.


This is the most attractive attribute people find in a woman. It goes beyond publicly vaunting your degree in casual conversation or wearing dorky glasses.

What’s more crucial is that she can communicate effectively. Having an idea on current subjects also indicates that you possess a wide range of interests and a lot of people find this quality very attractive.


Confidence is an attractive quality. Women with this trait don’t require extra attention from people.

Also, confidence doesn’t become evident from anywhere because people with confidence have a sense of self. It is attractive when a girl can capture the attention of everyone in a room, but it’s more attractive when she knows it.

So let’s change our opinion about beauty because it’s the heart that determines our beauty. As women, we should learn to embrace the qualities that make us unique because we are created to be attractive and unique works of art.

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